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Jacob's dream of the ladder

In 2001, Head Pastor Wilfried Kruse of St. Peter’s (“Petri-Kirche”) in Hamburg was happy to receive back two restored XVIth century paintings for his church. Both works of art were created by Master Gottfried Libalt. They had been donated in 1649 by two church Elders. One of the pictures shows Jacob asleep seeing the ladder to heaven in his dream. The painting had been donated by the Elder Hinrich III. Silm (1599 -1662). His second wife was Katharina Colins. The other donator was probably his brother-in-law Philip Colins. Between 1623 and 1637 Hinrich worked as a successful merchant in Spain. After his return to Hamburg he was awarded numerous honorary positions. Hinrich was the grandfather of Garlieb Sillem, later a mayor of the city of Hamburg.

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